Arab Arts Focus

Decolonizing the representation of contemporary Arab narratives

This event is free and unticketed
_ Time: 11.50
_ Duration: 70 mins
_ Venue: Demonstration Room
_ Age Suitability: U

With the Arab Spring turning into dark winter, war in Syria, the destruction of Iraq, the rise and reign of radical Islam, massive migratory movements, the ongoing Palestinian tragedy, among many other turmoils burdening the lives of millions of Arabs, the past few years have witnessed a global fascination with the Arab catastrophe’s narratives, as if the Western world can’t look at this region beyond its conflicts, wars, and colonial history. These topics certainly impose themselves on the creation of Arab artists living in the region or diaspora, but it seems that Arab artistic production is now expected to solely echo, comment, complete, or clarify what is shown in the news. However, can Arab performing artists use the stage to give different perceptions of their homes, struggles, and lives as human beings? Is it possible for a Syrian or Iraqi playwright to put on paper a simple love story? And isn’t a love story also an expression of time as experienced by its author?

Speakers: Hassan El Geretly (Egypt), Younes Atbane (Morocco),

Moderator: Abdullah Al-Kafri (Syria) TBC Arab Arts Focus Talks Programme supported by Tamasi Collective for the Performing Arts and curated by by Jumana Al-Yasiri, Sundance Institute Theatre Programme.

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