Arab Arts Focus

How to Support Arab Performing Arts Beyond Funding Programs?

This event is free and unticketed
_ Time: 11.50
_ Duration: 70 mins
_ Venue: Demonstration Room
_ Age Suitability: U

The discussion on how to support Arab artists often focuses on the challenges of securing sustainable sources of funding for new productions. However, Arab performing artists don’t only need financial resources to bring their projects to local and international audiences; they also look for safe spaces to create, explore, experiment, meet their counterparts from the region and beyond, talk and dream without fear or restrictions. Labs, residencies, training programs, showcases, virtual platforms, and networking activities, can – or maybe must? – provide creative ways to support and collaborate with performing artists from the Arab world.

Speakers: Philip Himberg (USA), Laila Hourani (Syria) TBC, David Craig (UK) TBC

Moderator: Amany Abou Zeid (Egypt) Arab Arts Focus Talks Programme supported by Tamasi Collective for the Performing Arts and curated by Jumana Al-Yasiri, Sundance Institute Theatre Programme.

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