Arab Arts Focus

Institutions Pitch Session

_ Time: 11.50
_ Duration: 70 mins
_ Venue: Demonstration Room
_ Age Suitability: U

The Arab region is witnessing the rise of several institutions dedicated to funding, developing, and promoting the work of confirmed and emerging independent artists from the Middle East and North Africa. Whether they operate on a regional level, or have a special focus as a response to an urgency in the field, these institutions are largely contributing to reshaping the landscape of contemporary Arab arts by implementing adapted mechanisms to the actual and constantly shifting needs and challenges of Arab artists, making these institutions essential partners to whoever wants to collaborate with Arab artists in the world today.

Presented institutions: Tamasi Collective, represented by Amany Abou Zeid (Executive Manager); Palestinian Performing Arts Network, represented by Jan Willems; MBC Al Amal Foundation, represented by Mariam Farag (Executive director) TBC; Ettijahat-Independent Culture, represented by Abdullah Al-Kafri (Executive Director) TBC. Arab Arts Focus Talks Programme supported by Tamasi Collective for the Performing Arts and curated by Jumana Al-Yasiri, Sundance Institute Theatre Programme.

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