Middle Child

Some Tiny Plays About How Fucked We Still Are

This event is part of the 'Later' Programme
_ Time: 22.30
_ Duration: 60 mins
_ Venue: Roundabout
_ Age Suitability: 16+

This time last year the world was a very strange place, so we looked to the internet to try and make sense of it all. Twelve months on, little has changed. Part-The Last Leg, part-Buzzfeed and part-piss up, Middle Child and Luke Barnes return with “Some Tiny Plays About How Fucked We Still Are”, using verbatim text from the web to explore the world we live in. From Presidential tweets and Daily Mail dramatisations to Harry Potter fan fiction ,we explore whether modern life really is rubbish after all, over drinks and a game of The Great British Bingo Off (complete with terrible prizes).

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