Will Pickvance

Pianologues (Will Pickvance)

Peter Dibdin
"Clever, poetic, his piano playing exudes an effortless, almost careless expertise"
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_ Time: 19.40
_ Duration: 60 mins
_ Venue: Anatomy Lecture Theatre
_ Age Suitability: U

Inside the mind of a pianist, looking out. Solos and stories from Will Pickvance, creator of sell-out Anatomy of the Piano and Pianomorphosis.

There are points during Will Pickvance’s performance where no words are necessary, where the dexterity and inventive fusion of songs both classical and popular say it all. His performance is a singular blend of virtuosity and humour unlike most others. At other points you wish for him to start chatting again, to find a break in the relentless, dizzying flow of notes he’s hammering out. This is what being a prodigious player in the 21st century looks like; late evening at the Fringe, in a darkened cell of a room under the dim light of a standard lamp, telling stories.

The List on Will Pickvance’s 2016 show: ‘Pianomorphosis’

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