Youness Atbane

The Second Copy: 2045

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_ Time: 10.15
_ Duration: 45 mins
_ Venue: Red Lecture Theatre
_ Age Suitability: PG

It is a cloth which is going to become a flag which is going to become art, then a dynamic, an identity, a policy, a film, a choreography and finally a history.

We are in 2045, at the end of the conflicts which have shaken the world. Most of the artists have been killed, but their archive remains. Youness Atbane is a witness for a new documentary film on the history of Moroccan art production from the millennium to 2015. Atbane dissolves himself in fiction to speak to us from the future. The Second Copy: 2045 is a thought-provoking and humorous look at the dynamics of contemporary art and at our possible future. It is based on a desire to question the link between objects, documentary and fiction.

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