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Lucy Ellinson, Steve Lawson, Chris Thorpe


_ Time: 23.45 (70 mins)

FK Alexander with Okishima Island Tourist Association

(I Could Go on Singing) Over the Rainbow

Performance contains moments of strobe lighting. Saturday performances are durational.

FK Alexander returns with her 2016 multi award-winning sell-out show. Channeling Judy Garland’s final performance in an intimate one-to-one, with repeated live singing and relentless noise music.

_ Time: 20.00 (60, 180 mins)

Rosie Kay Dance Company

5 Soldiers

This show takes place at the Army Reserve Centre, 89 East Claremont St

A thrilling and humane portrait of army life telling the stories of five men and women serving on the front line.

_ Time: 20.30 (60 mins)

Louise Orwin

A Girl and a Gun

‘All you need to make a movie is a girl and a gun’ (Jean-Luc Godard). Witty, fun and unflinchingly provocative look at women and violence in the media, starring Orwin and an unprepared male performer.

_ Time: 18.00 (70 mins)

James Rowland

A Hundred Different Words for Love

A storytelling show about words and love and the word love. Set in the same universe as Team Viking.

_ Time: 16.30 (60 mins)

Proto-type Theater

A Machine they're Secretly Building

Flashing images on screen

After Edward Snowden’s revelations, from what might be a news desk, a bunker under a mountain or a theatre, two people speak up, speak out and blow the whistle on the insidious machine of surveillance.

_ Time: 14.40 (60 mins)

Summerhall Distillery

A Pickering's Gin Jolly

Join us for a tour of Summerhall Distillery as we raise the curtain on how award-winning Pickering’s Gin is made.

_ Time: 10.00, 14.00, 16.00, 18.00 (60 mins)

Tessa Bide

A Strange New Space

Recommended for ages 4+ but all ages welcome. Relaxed Performances: 8th, 15th and 22nd

The life changing adventure of space-obsessed Amira that mirrors her real life journey as a refugee. A non-verbal, physical show for all ages with puppetry and music from the maker of The Tap Dancing Mermaid.

_ Time: 10.45 (45 mins)

Middle Child and Hull UK City of Culture 2017

All We Ever Wanted Was Everything

Leah and Chris were raised on Harry Potter, New Labour and a belief they would be special. Gig theatre about when dreams don’t become reality, from the team behind the award-winning Weekend Rockstars.

_ Time: 20.45, 22.30 (75 mins)

RiotBox Productions

Amy Conway's Super Awesome World

Join Amy on a videogame adventure like no other in a quest for sparks of joy in the darkness. A powerful, moving and humorous show for anyone that has ever battled their own demons.

_ Time: 17.40 (60 mins)

Binge Culture

Ancient Shrines and Half Truths

Please note this event takes place outdoors. Umbrellas can be provided.

Join performance alchemists Binge Culture on an immersive audio experience to discover the city's hidden gems and meet authentic locals. 'One of the country’s most exciting, direct and original theatre companies' (NZ Herald).

_ Time: 15.15, 18.15 (60 mins)

Shaymaa Shoukry / Yazan Iwidat

Arab Arts Focus: Dance Double Bill

These two new contemporary dance pieces from Palestine and Egypt question what it means to be Arab in today’s world. 'Mayhkomsh' tackles social judgement. 'Running Away' challenges cultural norms and burdens put on young Arabs' shoulders.

_ Time: 13.35 (45 mins)

Big in Belgium, Richard Jordan Productions, Theatre Royal Plymouth, Summerhall

Arm – Mireille & Mathieu

Gentle, poetic, cruel or comical; Mireille & Mathieu unpack their paraphernalia at a flea-market. Objects turn out to be bursting with stories where in this happy delirium of exploration and absurd experiments, nothing’s taken seriously.

_ Time: 16.20 (60 mins)

Arab Arts Focus

Artists Pitch Session

This event is free and unticketed

The AAF invites you to meet some of the most exciting Arab theatre makers and choreographers working today in Cairo, Beirut, Paris and Marrakech.

_ Time: 11.50 (70 mins)

Nothing Ever Happens Here

Awesome Tapes From Africa

Since 2006, Brian Shimkovitz's Awesome Tapes From Africa blog has been sheddinglight on obscure and wonderful sounds from across the continent.

_ Time: 23.00 (240 mins)

Nothing Ever Happens Here


This year again we welcome Balkanarama - Scotland's own riotous night of all things Balkan! OPA!

_ Time: 22.30 (270 mins)

Barney's Beer Ltd

Barney's Brewery Tours

Welcome to Edinburgh’s longest established non-continuously operating brewery! Ever wondered what really goes on inside a brewery? You’re welcomed in to Barney’s Beer at Summerhall to do just that. You’ll be given samples of our most popular beers, shown the ins and outs of our small operation, and given a lesson on the history and science of our trade by one of our brewery professionals.

_ Time: 15.00, 17.00 (45 mins)

The Thief of Baghdad

Becoming Scheherazade

Magic and reality collide as one British Arab navigates the voyages of Sindbad and tries to make sense of his own family's relationship to their migration from Iraq to the UK.

_ Time: 15.00 (50 mins)

CanadaHub / Ben Caplan and the Casual Smokers

Ben Caplan and the Casual Smokers

A charismatic charmer and a smasher of pianos. A madman and an earnest poet. A strummer of delicate chords and a lover of bent and broken melodies. Ben Caplan is simply unforgettable.

_ Time: 23.30 (90 mins)

Flying Bridge Theatre Ltd

Between the Crosses

This show takes place at the Army Reserve Centre, 89 East Claremont St

The last Durham Light Infantryman, a veteran of Ypres and Somme. What does it mean to survive, to be a hero, when all he wanted was to work with horses? ‘A truly superb play’ (

_ Time: 15.30 (60 mins)

Beyond Borders

Beyond Borders International Festival

This event is off-site

Travel beyond borders to the tranquil setting of Traquair House in the Scottish Borders to explore world cultures, new ideas, and peoples, at this eclectic international festival of debate, books, art, film, music, and nature.

_ Time: 08.00 (660 mins)

Paines Plough, Theatr Clwyd and Orange Tree Theatre

Black Mountain

Every performance has captioning units available - please contact or 0131 226 0002 to book a closed captioning unit.

Rebecca and Paul are running away. Away from memories and mistakes. They’re trying to save their relationship. They need time and space. An isolated house in the country is the perfect place to work things out. But you can’t run forever. Especially when you’re being followed.

_ Time: 13.25, 22.30 (70 mins)



BlackCatfishMusketeer isn’t about how the internet looks, it’s about how it feels. It’s about trust, doubt, closeness at a distance, worrying about your nudes being leaked and fearing that you'll die alone and your cats will eat you.

_ Time: 19.10 (60 mins)

Nothing Ever Happens Here and Braw Gigs

Blanck Mass

This performance is standing

Electronic artist from the UK and one half of F*ck Buttons. Blanck Mass is a heavy, shimmering and orchestral work defined by manipulated field recordings, warm analogue synth, heavy sub and deep drone.

_ Time: 20.00 (180 mins)

Big in Belgium/Richard Jordan Productions/Theatre Royal Plymouth/Summerhall

Bombastic Declaration of Love – Julie Cafmeyer

Old boyfriend photos, texts, poetry: struggling with her love life, Julie Cafmeyer experiences orgasms, despair, rejection and heaven. It's a coming of age story showing what theatre can be, and you're invited.

_ Time: 10.30 (60 mins)

Luca Silvestrini’s Protein, presented by The Place

Border Tales

A satirical look at multicultural Britain, blending dance, dialogue and live music, this is a witty and poignant commentary on stereotypical thinking in post-Brexit Britain seen through the eyes of an international cast. ‘Superbly staged and performed’ (Telegraph).

_ Time: 14.40 (80 mins)

nabokov and The Marlowe

Box Clever

Moving, truthful and darkly comic, Box Clever by nabokov’s associate-playwright Monsay Whitney, with music performed by Avi Simmons, is a new play about one woman’s experience of a refuge and a mother’s commitment to do the best for her daughter.

_ Time: 16.40 (60 mins)

Binge Culture

Break Up (We Need to Talk)

Pre-sales have been exhausted but door sales will be available on the night. This ‘durational’ work allows you to come and go as you please during the performance of the piece. Due to to the artists experience, expectations and the nature of the work there is certain amount of oversell. We have a fixed capacity for the room, at the point it is full we will operate as 'one in one out’

There’s no easy way to do this... An entire relationship lovingly created and destroyed over five hours. Come and go as you please and revel in the desperation, negotiation, devastation and emotional blackmail.

_ Time: 18.00 (300 mins)

Bred in the Bone Theatre Laboratory

Breakfast with Bred in the Bone: Clios' Story/Orpheus/The Ship

A contemporary triple-bill of adapted Greek mythology and new writing, written and devised by the company, exploring theatre performance through the physical, musical and poetic.

_ Time: 10.00 (60 mins)

Nothing Ever Happens Here

Charlotte Church's Late Night Pop Dungeon

This performance is standing

Up the dark, dark stairs, upon the bloody gallows of soft rock, through the oubliette of cheese, into the torture chamber of disco, you are welcomed to the Late Night Pop Dungeon.

_ Time: 22.00 (300 mins)

Kenmure Productions

Chill Habibi

A cabaret with the best performance the Arab World and Scotland have to offer! Expect words, music, comedy and otherness from new and established artists, including David Greig, Julia Taudevin and Karl Sharro.

_ Time: 21.30 (60 mins)

Louise Coulthard


Cockamamy comes to Edinburgh after a sell-out run at last year's London Camden Fringe. A heartbreaking, hilarious story about the companionship between Alice and her granddaughter Rosie. This compelling new play explores the reality of living with dementia.

_ Time: 12.30 (60 mins)

Graeae Theatre Company and Royal Exchange Theatre

Cosmic Scallies

A witty and touching new play about class, friendship and absence, set in the forgotten town of Skelmersdale by award-winning writer and comedian Jackie Hagan.

_ Time: 18.30 (80 mins)

CanadaHub/ARTICLE 11 with Aurora Nova

DECLARATION: Rematriation

Monday & Tuesday performances are open rehearsals.

An interdisciplinary work from Turtle Island that takes shape around peoples and the land. Indigenous artists of Canada invite reputed artists of othered communities to collaborate in artful protest and celebrate the right to do so.

_ Time: 11.30, 15.00, 15.30, 16.45 (75, 60 mins)

Ace-Production / From Start to Finnish

Dates – At the Speed of Sound!

A sparkling comedy about first dates, followed by supersonic speed-dating to find that soulmate/casual partner/festival pal or bunch of unforeseen encounters (delete where applicable). All genders and ages (18+) welcome!

_ Time: 19.45 (75 mins)

Stages Theatre Group, Sri Lanka

Dear Children, Sincerely... Seven Decades of Sri Lanka

This show has been cancelled

An ensemble performance that travels back through seventy years of Sri Lankan history; through the recollections of those born in the 1930s, who lived through independence, insurrection, modernization and war.

_ Time: 10.15 (65 mins)

Arab Arts Focus

Decolonizing the representation of contemporary Arab narratives

This event is free and unticketed

Can Arab performing artists use the stage to give different perceptions of their homes, struggles, and lives as human beings? Is it possible for a Syrian or Iraqi playwright to put on paper a simple love story? And isn’t a love story also an expression of time as experienced by its author?

_ Time: 11.50 (70 mins)

Dirty Protest

Dirty Protest Present: Many Happy Returns

This event is part of the 'Later' Programme

Fancy getting dirty later? Come join the Dirty Protest gang as we celebrate 10 years of shaking up the theatre world with five new short plays from five of Wales' most exciting writing talent.

_ Time: 22.30 (60 mins)

Grassmarket Projects


Following Doubting Thomas, Jeremy Weller (winner of six Fringe First awards) and Grassmarket Projects return with part two of the real-life trilogy with Thomas McCrudden: a former gangland enforcer struggling to change.

_ Time: 19.25 (70 mins)

Sh!t Theatre with Show And Tell


Oh look, 2016 Fringe First winners Sh!t Theatre again. What is it this time? Is it unemployment? Is there a crisis? Did the government do something wrong again? No, it’s a show about Dolly Parton. We f*cking love her.

_ Time: 13.15, 19.30, 21.15 (60 mins)

Mamoru Iriguchi


Schools Bookings - £5 per school pupil, 1 teacher free for every 10 pupils. Please book by calling Summerhall Box Office at 0131 560 1581

What if your food started talking back? Meet Lionel the lion. He’s just eaten a human called Mamoru for lunch. Eaten invites children and grown-ups to the fascinating world of the food web. Eaten asks, what should we eat? And who should eat us?!

_ Time: 12.15 (55 mins)

Eggs Collective

Eggs Collective Get A Round

A show with lipstick on its teeth and Wotsits on its face. A rousing ode to friendship, kindness and belonging, set against the backdrop of a massive night out. Coming soon to BBC television!

_ Time: 21.10 (60 mins)

Joanne Ryan


Funny. Tender. Moving. Looking down the barrel of her final fertile years, an Irish woman goes on a comical quest to uncover the hows and whys of reproducing her genes.

_ Time: 13.00 (70 mins)

Bertrand Lesca & Nasi Voutsas


Following last year's Fringe success and UK tour, Bertrand & Nasi's darkly comic look at the EU’s founding ideals returns for 4 performances. Total Theatre Award nominees in 2016,“constantly pits idealism against self-interest and pragmatism.” (****) The Guardian

_ Time: 12.00 (55 mins)

Paines Plough and Pentabus Theatre Company

Every Brilliant Thing

The worldwide smash-hit is back. A play about depression and the lengths we go to for loved ones. 'Heart-wrenching, hilarious... possibly one of the funniest plays you will ever see' Guardian. 'Captivating' New York Times.

_ Time: 12.00 (60 mins)

Sarah Louise Marhsall / Pyreism

Fete Worse Than Death

Artist and gardener Sarah Louise Marshall is creating an urban oasis in the front garden of Summerhall. A mini Eden, a slice of paradise, not lost but made entirely out of found materials. Curiosities and plants saved in order to see the real gold that can be found in what would otherwise be thrown away. The garden will host a variety of activities and games through community engagement.

_ Time: 11.00, 22.30 (180, 30 mins)

Fight in the Dog

Fight in the Dog Goes Later

This event is part of the 'Later' Programme

Choice comedy line-ups from the country's most innovative and good new purveyor of live content, Fight in the Dog Ltd.

_ Time: 22.30 (60 mins)

CanadaHub / Theatre Conspiracy with Aurora Nova

Foreign Radical

This performance is immersive and roaming. Please inform Summerhall Box Office on 0131 560 1581 if you have any access requirements.

Thirty participants are invited into an intriguing theatrical game exploring security, profiling, freedom of expression and privacy in the age of cybersurveillance. Mobile throughout the performance, the participants collaborate, debate and spy on each other. Farsi, Arabic, English.

_ Time: 10.30, 11.00, 13.00 (75 mins)

Arab Arts Focus

Forever Arab?

This event is free and unticketed

Discusses how notions of identity, nationality and politics influence the creations and reception of Arab theatre makers. As artists increasingly work internationally, does ‘being an Arab’ ease or complicate to get your works seen?

_ Time: 14.30 (75 mins)

Nothing Ever Happens Here

Francois & The Atlas Mountains

This performance is standing only.

Frànçois & the Atlas Mountains are a French/British pop group, combining indie pop, folk pop, and African rhythms

_ Time: 20.00 (180 mins)


Give Me Your Love

Ex-soldier Zach has withdrawn into a cardboard box. When his friend Ieuan offers recovery in a capsule of MDMA, there follows a mind-warping exchange that will tickle, move and appal you in equal measure.

_ Time: 10.15 (60 mins)

Kieran Hurley, Show And Tell, British Council Edinburgh Showcase 2017

Heads Up

Kieran Hurley's 2016 Fringe First award-winning, total sell-out show returns for a limited run. A city. Just like this. Right now. A teenage girl boils up in rage in a toilet cubicle. A finance worker preaches doom in a busy train station. An absurd coke-addled celebrity races through town on a mission.

_ Time: 19.40 (60 mins)

Dancing Brick, Paul Jellis with Tobacco Factory Theatres, Bush Theatre


A reclusive children's writer becomes wildly successful. Her books are treasured across the country. But when a troubling narrative starts to unfold, we find ourselves asking: what matters more, the storyteller or the story?

_ Time: 17.55 (60 mins)

Rokkur Friggjar


What drives young people to join violent organizations? A show exploring the effects that constant propaganda has on young lives, focusing on war propaganda in particular. We follow eight youths through 10 difficult years, seeing how they change.

_ Time: 10.00 (60 mins)

Nothing Ever Happens Here


This performance is standing

Since bursting onto the Madrid DIY scene, Hinds - Ana Perrote, Carlotta Cosials, Ade Martin and Amber Grimbergen - have mastered a raw and playful sound all their own.

_ Time: 20.00 (180 mins)

National Theatre of Scotland

How to Act

Internationally renowned theatre director Anthony Nicholl has travelled the globe on a life-long quest to discover the true essence of theatre. Today he is giving a masterclass, working with a hand-picked actor to demonstrate his unique methods.

_ Time: 13.10 (60 mins)

Paines Plough, Theatr Clwyd and Orange Tree Theatre

How to Be a Kid

Every performance has captioning units available. Please call 0131 226 0002 or email to book a closed captioning unit.

Can you help Molly learn how to be a kid again? A larger-than-life story of family, friends and fitting in from Sarah McDonald-Hughes. Warning: contains dancing, chocolate cake and an epic car chase.

_ Time: 10.45 (50 mins)

Arab Arts Focus

How to Support Arab Performing Arts Beyond Funding Programs?

This event is free and unticketed

The discussion on how to support Arab artists often focuses on the challenges of securing sustainable sources of funding for new productions.

_ Time: 11.50 (70 mins)

sadsongskomplex:fi / From Start to Finnish

I Am Faransis W.

Is the world out of joint? Who is torturing whom? How does it feel to be poor? Why is the water calling out? Where are you now, Woyzeck? Brand new from award-winning Finnish playwright/director Jari Juutinen.

_ Time: 17.45 (75 mins)

Nothing Ever Happens Here


Erupting into life in 2011 with the appropriately-named debut album New Brigade, recorded when the band were all in their teens, Danish punk quartet Iceage reinvigorated the idea of rock music as a primal, dangerous force for youthful expression.

_ Time: 19.00 (180 mins)

Arab Arts Focus

Institutions Pitch Session

The Arab region is witnessing the rise of several institutions dedicated to funding, developing, and promoting the work of confirmed and emerging independent artists from the Middle East and North Africa.

_ Time: 11.50 (70 mins)

An ARC Production written and performed by Daniel Bye

Instructions for Border Crossing

A twelve-year-old girl sneaks across the border into her own country. Her parents watch her on a computer screen. The works of a half-forgotten performance artist seem to hold the key to bringing down a brutal system operating on our behalf and under our noses.

_ Time: 16.40 (75 mins)

Big in Belgium, Richard Jordan Productions, Theatre Royal Plymouth, RBC/Upper-Church

Ivona, Princess of Burgundia – Tibaldus

Unique and radical reworking of Witold Gombrowicz's (the Shakespeare of Poland) classic play. Fusing language, physicality and comedy, one of Belgium's most exciting young companies creates a thrilling contemporary retelling of a lost masterpiece.

_ Time: 15.45 (95 mins)


Jayde Adams is Jaded

_ Time: 18.30 (60 mins)

Nothing Ever Happens Here

Jenny Hval

Please note this performance is standing only

A singer, songwriter, novelist, journalist, former singer in a gothic metal band and nominee for the Norwegian version of the Brit Awards, Jenny Hval is a polymath creator with a strong track record.

_ Time: 20.00 (180 mins)


Jihan's Smile

Jihan is an ordinary child who woke up one day to discover she lost her smile. The sun set, the moon disappeared, everything lost its colour, cold spread throughout the town. Jihan needs to find her smile again.

_ Time: 10.15 (60 mins)

Hanane Hajj Ali


Performed in Arabic with English surtitles. Please note this performance is not wheelchair accessible.

A 60-minute theatre performance: Hanan Al-Haj, a woman in her 50s and a Lebanese citizen, follows her daily routine of jogging to keep herself safe from obesity, bone diseases and anxiety.

_ Time: 11.50 (60 mins)

Jonny & the Baptists

Jonny & the Baptists: The Best of 2012-2017

Celebrate five years of silly songs and satirical anthems from the multi award-nominated musical comedy stars. Six performances only – advance booking essential! Stars of Radio 4’s The Now Show and the BBC’s Live at Television Centre.

_ Time: 19.25 (55 mins)

Show and Tell

Josie Long

Following last year's show Something Better, which opened at the Fringe and later went on to enjoy a sell-out nationwide tour, plus shows in the West End, Australia and New York; Josie is coming to Edinburgh this year for three silly late night shows. She thinks you should come.

_ Time: 23.00 (60 mins)

Nothing Ever Happens Here

Julie Byrne

This performance is standing

American wanderer Julie Byrne's second album, Not Even Happiness, vividly archives what would have otherwise been lost to the road (...)

_ Time: 20.00 (150 mins)

Antler Theatre


2 performers, a mini trampoline and a 1000 piece puzzle. The award-winning Antler return to the fringe with a playful, intimate dissection of a relationship teetering on the edge of collapse.

_ Time: 12.00 (60 mins)

2Magpies Theatre

Last Resort

Please note the seating for this performance is deckchairs.

The alternative future for Guantanamo Bay: deckchairs, cocktails, and your feet in the sand. Performed in a secret enclave in the Summerhall basement, Last Resort takes you through the tropical haze on a unique multi-sensory package holiday.

_ Time: 12.00, 18.30 (60 mins)

Nothing Ever Happens Here & CanadaHub

Lemon Bucket Orkestra & Ben Caplan

This performance is standing

The Lemon Bucket Orkestra: Canada's only balkan-klezmer-gypsy-party-punk super-band. Born on the streets of Toronto as a busking band in 2010, the original quartet of guerrilla-folk troubadours quickly amassed a battalion of musicians.

_ Time: 20.00 (180 mins)


Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons

Performance on Aug 12th has captioning units available - please contact or 0131 226 0002 to book a closed captioning unit.

The average person says 123,205,750 words in a lifetime. But what if there were a limit? Oliver and Bernadette are about to find out. A play about what we say and how we say it.

_ Time: 12.00 (60 mins)

Nothing Ever Happens Here

Lift To Experience

This performance is standing

Released in 2001, shortly before the band split, Lift to Experience’s sole album The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads is a cult classic - now Josh T Pearson and the band are back together to revisit it live.

_ Time: 20.00 (180 mins)

The Place

Liquid Gold is the Air

Please note this show is free and unticketed. It takes place offsite, at Greyfriars Kirk. Runs continually on a 15 minute loop. Open 10.30 - 16.30.

Drawing inspiration from Under The Vaulted Sky, created for IF: Milton Keynes International Festival 2014, Rosemary has joined forces with film-maker Roswitha Chesher to create Liquid Gold is the Air.

_ Time: 10.30 (360 mins)


Lists for the End of the World

This is a show composed entirely of crowd-sourced lists, from all kinds of people in all kinds of places – including from you the audience as you queue up to take your seats. In Lists…, the ordinary and the extraordinary, the profound and the ridiculous sit playfully side by side.

_ Time: 13.45 (60 mins)

Locked In Edinburgh

Locked In the Small Animal Hospital

1 ticket for maximum 5 people (minimum 2 people)

Since closing its doors as a vet school in 2011, Summerhall has become a thriving arts hub full of exhibitions, installations and shows. Even so, some of the old operating rooms remain unused - or so we thought.

_ Time: 09.00, 11.00, 13.00, 15.00, 17.00, 19.00, 21.00 (90 mins)

Locked In Edinburgh

Locked in the Distillery Escape Game

1 ticket for maximum 5 people (minimum 2 people)

While the police question the staff of the distillery, it is up to you to figure out the location of the next attack, discover the identity of an insidious mole within the company and – most importantly – save the gin.

_ Time: 10.00, 12.00, 14.00, 16.00, 18.00, 20.00 (90 mins)


Locus Amoenus

Three strangers meet on a train, not knowing that in one hour, the train will crash and they will die. Their attempts to connect lead to misunderstandings as they race towards their final destination.

_ Time: 14.50 (60 mins)



Contains strobe.

What happens to romance when there's a machine who cooks and cleans for you, never forgets your birthday or how you like your tea, tells you you're beautiful, holds you when you're crying, and still makes you come?

_ Time: 19.10 (60 mins)

AIK Productions / Turtle Key Arts

Love, Bombs and Apples

Funny, poignant, powerful political theatre from award-winning playwright Hassan Abdulrazzak, using comedy to bravely tackle problems facing the Arab and Muslim communities across the world.

_ Time: 13.30 (60 mins)

Royal Court Theatre


Performance on Aug 12th will be BSL signed.

A funny, frank, and occasionally explicit insight into heterosexual female desire, read out loud by a male comedian. MANWATCHING is a show about what one woman thinks about when she thinks about sex with men.

_ Time: 19.25 (55 mins)

Made in Adelaide

Made in Adelaide: Live Music Panel and Showcase

Made in Adelaide brings the southern hemisphere’s biggest festival city to Edinburgh with a selection of South Australian theatre, music, cabaret, comedy, visual arts, literature, film and fun.

_ Time: 18.30 (270 mins)

Made in Adelaide

Made in Adelaide: Party

Adelaide Fringe says "Happy 70th Birthday to Edinburgh Fringe"

_ Time: 22.30 (270 mins)

Made in Adelaide

Made in Adelaide: Showcase (Cabaret Gala)

Made in Adelaide brings the southern hemisphere’s biggest festival city to Edinburgh with a selection of South Australian theatre, music, cabaret, comedy, visual arts, literature, film and fun.

_ Time: 16.30 (270 mins)

Paines Plough


_ Time: 20.00 (55 mins)

Mark Thomas and Lakin McCarthy Entertainment Ltd

Mark Thomas: A Show That Gambles on the Future

Few could have anticipated the events of 2016 and where they'd lead. Mark and his audience gamble on their predictions for a hilarious, fantastical and sometimes accurate vision of the world.

_ Time: 18.00 (75 mins)

Nothing Ever Happens Here and Mediterraneo

Mediterraneo Opening Party

Mediterraneo brings Africa, southern Italy and Scotland crashing into Summerhall. Featuring pizzica exponents The Badwills, Zimbabwe jit legend Rise Kagona (ex Bhundu Boys), and Scottish psychedelic ceilidh maestros Awry.

_ Time: 22.00 (300 mins)

Mind the Gap

Mia: Daughters of Fortune

Fast moving, raw and eye-opening, Mia explores the truths and myths about learning disabilities and parenthood in today’s society. Think pop culture with popcorn, science with silliness, stories with statistics and challenges often taken for granted.

_ Time: 14.45 (60 mins)

Paines Plough and tiata fahodzi

Mixed Brain

50% Jamaican, 50% British, 100% reppin’ Shepherd’s Bush. Nathan Bryon is many things. Part story, part stand-up, a fusion of Afro-Caribbean flair and British awkwardness in a searing, searching, very funny exploration of what being mixed race means.

_ Time: 22.30 (60 mins)

Powder Keg

Morale Is High (Since We Gave Up Hope)

Morale is High will predict what could happen between now and the next general election in 2020, exploring the effects of popular culture, political policy and inane day-to-day actions on who we choose to vote for.

_ Time: 22.15 (60 mins)

CanadaHub / Quote Unquote Collective in association with Why Not Theatre and Aurora Nova


This show contains fog and flashing lights.

Two performers express the inner conflict within a modern woman’s head: push and pull, past and present, progress and regression. Interweaving acappella harmony, text and physicality, Mouthpiece is a harrowing, humorous and heart-wrenching journey into the female psyche.

_ Time: 13.30, 15.30 (60 mins)

Paines Plough

Nish Kumar: Work In Progress

_ Time: 17.00 (60 mins)

The Letter Room

No Miracles Here

Tighten your laces, and don't let your knees hit the ground. There's live music and wall-to-wall dancing in this sweat-soaked marathon with Northern Soul. No Miracles Here is an anthem to feeling alive and keeping the faith.

_ Time: 11.00 (60 mins)

Ellie Dubois

No Show

New contemporary all-female circus from award-winning company. No Show joyously and heartbreakingly reveals what lies hidden beneath the showmanship. There will be desperate attempts and heroic failures. For anyone who has tried, failed and failed better.

_ Time: 16.15 (60 mins)

Teater V


Pierre-Anthon realizes one day that nothing matters and therefore nothing is worth doing. To prove him wrong, his classmates begin piling things of meaning. And the more painful the sacrifice is, the more meaning it has... right?

_ Time: 09.50 (70 mins)

CanadaHub / 2b theatre company with Aurora Nova

Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story

A darkly humourous musical tale about refugees and how to love when you're broken, starring Klezmer folk sensation Ben Caplan. This is a true story from luminary Canadian playwright Hannah Moscovitch.

_ Time: 16.00, 21.30 (75, 85 mins)

Big in Belgium, Richard Jordan Productions, Theatre Royal Plymouth, Upper-Church

On Ice – Suzanne Grotenhuis/De Nwe Tijd

In 2013, Suzanne won a Belgian theatre prize, spending the entire prize money on buying an actual ice skating rink. Why she did that will be revealed in her funny, absurd, moving show.

_ Time: 14.00 (75 mins)

Nothing Ever Happens Here and Braw Gigs


This performance is standing

The legendary duo of Optimo will be taking over The Dissection Room space for another Optimo (Espacio) event this Festival.

_ Time: 23.00 (240 mins)

Nothing Ever Happens Here

Orkestra del Sol

Standing only. Not wheelchair user accessible. Under 16s accompanied by an adult.

2017 is their last year! Edinburgh’s favourite purveyors of sousaphone-fuelled brassy honkstep will be hanging up their horns at the end of this year.

_ Time: 19.00 (180 mins)

Rachel Mars

Our Carnal Hearts

Award-winning theatre maker Rachel Mars and four belting female singers bring you a gleeful, hilarious, murky show about the hidden workings of envy, with a raucous chorus of music by Louise Mothersole.

_ Time: 11.00 (60 mins)

Paines Plough, Theatr Clwyd and Orange Tree Theatre

Out Of Love

Every performance has captioning units available - please contact or 0131 226 0002 to book a closed captioning unit.

Lorna and Grace are best friends forever. But when Lorna gets into university and Grace gets pregnant, they find themselves in starkly different worlds. A tale of friendship, love and rivalry spanning 30 years from Elinor Cook.

_ Time: 13.25 (70 mins)

Bertrand Lesca & Nasi Voutsas


More performances added: click on the link in the copy

Following the success of EUROHOUSE, Bert & Nasi return with Palmyra, an exploration of revenge, the politics of destruction and what we consider to be barbarian. Palmyra steps back from the news to look at what lies beneath—and beyond—civilization.

_ Time: 13.15 (55 mins)

Bertrand Lesca & Nasi Voutsas


Following a critically acclaimed run at the beginning of this year’s Festival, Bert & Nasi play 3 extra performances of PALMYRA in the Upper Church @ Summerhall.

_ Time: 10.00 (55 mins)

Will Pickvance

Pianologues (Will Pickvance)

Inside the mind of a pianist, looking out. Solos and stories from Will Pickvance, creator of sell-out Anatomy of the Piano and Pianomorphosis.

_ Time: 19.40 (60 mins)

Nothing Ever Happens Here

Pictish Trail & Friends

Svelt, intelligent balladeer trapped inside the body of an oversized, oft-bearded folk ogre. 'A heady and enthralling mix of genres are each anchored in solid melody' ( Live music and special guest DJs.

_ Time: 20.00 (420 mins)

Barrow Street Productions

Pike St.

Award-winning Nilaja Sun (No Child...) breathes life into a vibrant mix of Lower East Side neighbours as they prepare for a hurricane racing towards NYC.

_ Time: 15.00 (75 mins)


Pitch Up

A welcoming forum for finding collaborators to make new ideas happen, Pitch Up is made up of five-minute pitches – and one-minute elevator pitches – from theatre makers, producers and venues. Visit for more information.

_ Time: 10.00 (120 mins)

Zanetti Productions

Power Ballad

Contains nudity.

Part performance lecture, part karaoke party, deconstructing gendered linguistic histories and ripping apart contemporary language to find a new articulation of pleasure, anger and femaleness. From Julia Croft (If There’s Not Dancing at the Revolution, I’m Not Coming).

_ Time: 19.30 (50 mins)

Viirus Theatre / From Start to Finnish

Ramy: In the Frontline

Live report with the Egyptian protest singer Ramy Essam. He was an iconic figure of the revolution during the Arab Spring and now tells the story of his life and his fight for a better world.

_ Time: 20.40 (75 mins)

Nothing Ever Happens Here

Rhythm Machine

This August Rhythm Machine ​- a night of dance music & live art - ​returns to ​Summerhall for three consecutive Saturday nights after a twelve month sell-out run in 2015/16.

_ Time: 23.00 (240 mins)

Soho Theatre and United Agents

Richard Gadd: Monkey See Monkey Do

The Edinburgh Comedy Award winning show that “defined comedy in 2016” (Guardian) and earned a Total Theatre Award nomination for Innovation returns. Come and see the “hot ticket” (Evening Standard) of last year’s festival before it finishes its international tour here at the Edinburgh Fringe.

_ Time: 23.00 (60 mins)

James Cousins Company, presented by The Place


There are flashing lights used during this performance.

The danced adventures of a Shakespearean heroine. 400 years later, Rosalind ventures through the modern metropolis: by day, ordered and traditional, by night, a neon wonderland.

_ Time: 16.30 (65 mins)

Civil Disobedience presents Roddy Bottum

Sasquatch: The Opera

Roddy Bottum (Faith No More, Imperial Teen) presents the world premiere of a tragic and dark love story based on the folklore of Sasquatch, the elusive man-beast who silently stalks the forest.

_ Time: 21.15 (60 mins)

Prime Cut Productions


For those who don’t feel like they’re in the right life, online is a place to be yourself. Out in the real world though, things can be very different. A story of first love through the eyes of a gender-curious teen, Scorch examines how the human story often gets lost amidst the headlines.

_ Time: 10.45 (50 mins)

Découpage Collective

Screaming Body – Découpage Collective

An ensemble work, striving to recreate the original story of Medea. With intimacy and immediacy, visually translating the tale through physical illustrations and a playful, profound relationship between two performers who remain present throughout.

_ Time: 11.15 (60 mins)

Lauren Mooney


This show has been cancelled

In 1896, Rosa Vaile's husband lost his job on the docks and then they lost everything else. Now their great-great-great-granddaughter would like to talk to you about class, work, mental illness, and how far we’ve come since.

_ Time: 12.00 (60 mins)

CanadaHub / La Messe Basse with Aurora Nova


An actress on stage with her iPhone’s personal assistant, Siri, as her only partner. In a precise game of question and answer, their exchanges expose the bizarre metaphysical dimension of the machine and blur the limitations between them.

_ Time: 17.30 (70 mins)

Action Hero

Slap Talk

This event takes place off-site. Durational performance - audience may enter and leave at any time. FREE AND UNTICKETED.

Slap Talk is an epic tour de force, a verbal sparring match that is both funny and entertaining but also dark, complex and deeply unsettling.

_ Time: 15.00 (360 mins)

Amina Khayyam Dance Co


I saw him looking at me when I danced. I saw the look in his eyes. I knew what he wanted to call me.. Sexuality, sexual grooming, stereotyping and cross-cultural perceptions are explored in this provocative new dance piece.

_ Time: 11.45 (55 mins)

Middle Child

Some Tiny Plays About How Fucked We Still Are

This event is part of the 'Later' Programme

Part-The Last Leg, part-Buzzfeed and part-piss up, Middle Child and Luke Barnes return with “Some Tiny Plays About How Fucked We Still Are”, using verbatim text from the web to explore the world we live in.

_ Time: 22.30 (60 mins)

Paines Plough

Something Other Than Everything - Warm up

Daniel Kitson does a very clunky, warm up run through of a pre existing stand up show but with some new bits and bobs swapped in for other bits and bobs. 

It'll be about 2 hours long and obviously, its late. so. Bear that in mind. 

_ Time: 22.30 (120 mins)


Stand By

Audiences are asked to wear single-earpiece headphones. This show takes place at the Army Reserve Centre, 89 East Claremont St

The brutally authentic story of four police officers struggling to remain in control as the community they serve disintegrates. Written by a former police officer, this immersive production shows the modern day police service laid bare.

_ Time: 18.45 (75 mins)

Young Vic Taking Part

Start Swimming

A Young Vic Taking Part Production. It’s small versus big. It’s pressures of the future. It’s everything being stacked against you and all options feeling equally terrible. One step away from disaster, there’s only one instruction: start swimming.

_ Time: 14.40 (60 mins)

China Plate Theatre


We all have a nationality.
For some, it's like eye-colour. For others it's a straitjacket.
For some, it fits the borders of a state. Others want to draw new borders so they fit (...)

_ Time: 10.00 (90 mins)

Dirty Protest

Sugar Baby

Being a small-time drug dealer is tough. Especially when your old man owes £6,000 to a loan shark who’s got a tattoo of Beyoncé on his neck. Comedy from acclaimed writer Alan Harris (Paines Plough, National Theatre Wales).

_ Time: 18.05 (55 mins)


Summerhall Fringe Closing Party Featuring Soulsville

Est. 2010, this is Edinburgh’s institutional shot of Deep Rhythms and Rugged Grooves. For one night residents Cameron Mason and Calum Evans will be spinning the finest selections of Deep Funk, Latin Rhythms and Rare Disco into the early hours at Edinburgh’s very own Summerhall.

_ Time: 23.00 (240 mins)

Paines Plough


_ Time: 22.00 (30 mins)



Please note: the show takes place inside a pitch dark shipping container.

Séance (Glen Neath and David Rosenberg) is an intense sonic performance for twenty people at a time inside a completely dark shipping container. It lasts for fifteen terrifying minutes

_ Time: 13.00, 13.20, 13.40, 14.00, 14.20, 14.40, 15.00, 15.20, 15.40, 16.00, 16.20, 16.40, 17.00, 17.20, 17.40, 18.00, 18.20, 18.40, 19.00, 19.20, 19.40, 20.00, 20.20, 20.40, 21.00, 21.20 (20 mins)

Amer Hlehel


Taha Muhammad Ali is the beautiful picture of the Palestinian people – of all of us. In his verses, Taha documents survival after 50 years of loss – of his home, his lover, his friends and his shop.

_ Time: 11.50 (75 mins)


Taiwan Season: Ever Never

Humour and pathos collide in a mix of drama, music and physical theatre as five strangers on a plane find their flight rekindles fragments of forgotten memories.

_ Time: 16.25 (60 mins)

Sun Son Theatre

Taiwan Season: Heart of Darkness

Heart of Darkness fuses traditional elements with contemporary theatre in an exploration of the feelings and emotions of a woman gnawed by time and her hidden aspirations, expectations, fears, secrets and ambitions.

_ Time: 15.15 (40 mins)

Puppet Beings Theatre

Taiwan Season: The Backyard Story

This show is recommended for ages 3 and older.

Let your imagination run as clothes on a washing line are brought to life by a magic balloon in a fusion of object theatre, contemporary and traditional puppet arts.

_ Time: 11.45 (45 mins)

James Rowland

Team Viking

This event is part of the 'Later' Programme

This is the remarkable, hilarious and heart-lifting story of how James actually gave his best mate the send-off he wanted. Combining storytelling, comedy and live music, Team Viking won the Vaults Festival Origins Award and was a runaway hit at the 2016 Edinburgh Festival.

_ Time: 22.30 (60 mins)

Javaad Alipoor

The Believers Are But Brothers

A show about tech savvy extremists, our collapsing world, digital fantasy and nightmare, and a generation of resentful, directionless, violent young men.

_ Time: 12.45 (60 mins)

Julene Robinson

The Black That I Am

Herself as "other". An exploration of blackness, gender, sexuality, religion and Jamaican nationalism, seen through the lens of individuals from different backgrounds confronted with the gaze of their own realities. A one-woman show.

_ Time: 11.15 (60 mins)

Rebecca Atkinson-Lord

The Class Project

This is a show about belonging. About tribes and families. About the place you belong because you were born there and the places you change yourself to try and belong in. It’s about class mobility. And regional identity. And being a Thatcher’s child. It’s about education and 'making good' for yourself.

_ Time: 20.40 (75 mins)

Romantika (SWE/UK)

The Crossing Place – Romantika

Late-night in Upper Church. The first performance based on the poems of Swedish Nobel Prize in Literature-winning Tomas Tranströmer. A fast-paced, visual and highly physical theatre piece exploring loneliness, anxiety and desire. Devised in Estonia.

_ Time: 22.30 (55 mins)

Paines Plough

The Duke

_ Time: 12.30 (60 mins)

Cumbernauld Theatre

The Gardener

Frank’s having trouble looking after himself. He’s not getting out much, not since his wife passed away, so he’s gone into a retirement home. Deeply intimate portrait of love, loss and the joys of amateur gardening.

_ Time: 14.30, 16.30 (55 mins)

Arab Arts Focus

The Geopolitics of the Arab Dancing Body

This event is free and unticketed

A reflection on the non-verbal political discourse, identity issues, negotiation between contemporaneity and traditions, and gender prejudices carried by the Arab dancing body.

_ Time: 18.00 (60 mins)

Paines Plough

The Harry and Chris Show

Please note all Feast of the Fest shows are free. We do request a donation to Save the Children at the end of the show. Please ensure you have picked up your printed ticket from the box office 15min before the show starts as you will require it to enter the venue. In the event that you are not in the queue or inside the venue 5 minutes before show start, we will reallocate your ticket to a standby patron.
_ Time: 15.30 (60 mins)

Tom Poulson, Alistair MacDonald, Susan Worsfold

The Last Post

This show takes place at the Army Reserve Centre, 89 East Claremont St

Trumpet, electronics, text. One man’s love letters from the front line. Dennis Marshall wrote to his fiancée towards the close of WW2. Dennis's grandson, trumpeter Tom Poulson, explores his letters in an extraordinary, immersive musical performance.

_ Time: 15.30 (60 mins)

Christopher Harrisson

The North! The North!

A dark new myth about England, the bad things that happen to us, and the stories we make up in response. Highly physical storytelling and animation from the writer of sell-out hit 64 Squares.

_ Time: 17.50 (70 mins)

Youness Atbane

The Second Copy: 2045

Set as a fictional documentary in 2045, the character of Youness Atbane observes the dynamics of contemporary art in Morocco. In view of this, Atbane creates an archive about Moroccan art production from 2000 to now.

_ Time: 10.15 (45 mins)

China Plate, Rachel Bagshaw and Chris Thorpe

The Shape of the Pain

One woman attempts to articulate her experience of pain. Physical pain with no apparent cause. Also, she’s met someone and they want to make this work. A new show from this Fringe First Award-winning team.

_ Time: 19.30 (70 mins)


The Sky Is Safe

They meet in Istanbul: she a Syrian refugee, he a privileged westerner. Identity and power, choice and its absence, beauty and brutality collide in this poetic response to the Syrian tragedy by Matthew Zajac.

_ Time: 19.45 (60 mins)

Arab Arts Focus

The Spoken and the Unspoken: Engaging Politics Through Performance

This event is free and unticketed

Arab Arts Focus Talks Programme supported by Tamasi Collective for the Performing Arts and curated by Jumana Al-Yasiri, Sundance Institute Theatre Programme.

_ Time: 15.00 (75 mins)

The Völvas

The Vagina Dialogues – The Völvas

Trigger warning – subjects of rape and sexual assault.

The Vagina Dialogues is a series of episodic monologues, duologues and movement pieces set to live music. The work is innately feminist, humorous, grotesque and, let’s face it, a little nude in approach.

_ Time: 12.30 (60 mins)